Medical and Dental Office Design that Delivers

baby brusing teeth
In the race for patients and top-notch staff, your space is your calling card Though the term underwater may have a negative connotation in today’s economy, there’s no place Ashburn, Virginia-based dentist Haress Rahim would rather be. Rahim, who has a penchant for scuba diving...
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Take This Design and Call Me in the Morning

It is reported that what compelled preeminent psychiatrist Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross to write the revolutionary On Death and Dying in 1969 were her observations of the deplorable treatment of end-of-life patients in hospitals. Prior to her own death in 2004, Dr. Kubler-Ross devoted more than...
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Reading Smiles

Does your mother-in-law really approve of your applesauce cake, or the fact that with little ones at home you went back to work full time? Want to up the ante on your ability to predict the outcome of an important client meeting or across-the-desk chat...
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High Anxiety —Dispelled by Design

Hustled by panicked family members into Washington Hospital Center’s teeming ER One, a woman complaining of intense stomach pains is triaged and soon takes a seat. It’s 5 a.m. and the programmable color kinetic lighting all around her is redolent of the subtle hues of...
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Preventing Kids’ Overeating Through the Holidays

kids eating
Remember diving into a plastic orange pumpkin filled with Necco wafers, mini-Snickers, Hershey bars and Mr. Goodbars, handfuls of candy corn, Swedish Fish and just about everything else? If you were like most kids, those indulgences started while you were still out brandishing your weapon—pounding...
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Tales of Life and Lightning

For Cincinnati, Ohio-based Deputy Sheriff Robert Michael Wagner, a spirited canoe trip as a 17-year-old with a cousin and four friends became a life altering experience when the group found itself in a violent storm on the banks of a favorite Kentucky creek. “The rain...
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Got Superfruits? Grow Your Own Cranberry Garden!

Besides being versatile and delicious, cranberries are known as a superfruit for their high nutrient and antioxidant properties. As the tart star of desserts, snacks and main dishes alike, using them in oatmeal, breads, muffins or pancakes or on top of yogurt or cold cereal...
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How to Spice Up Your Weight Loss Routine

For the longest time eating healthier has had some negative connotations. Most people think that when it comes to loosing weight the food involved has to bland and unappealing. However, instead of looking at the kitchen like an enemy when it comes to trying to...
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